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Social Media Marketing

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google AdWords

Website Design

Editing and Proofreading


Growth Hacking Reports

App Promotion

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Digital Marketing is important for your business. Let’s discuss how the various services that come under the umbrella banner of digital marketing can be helpful for you or your initiative.

Social Media Marketing helps you build a brand presence and identity. It connects you to your intended target demographic. If done well, it also helps convert leads into actual sales for your product.

Good, high-quality content is the building block of successful initiatives. The way you write, what you write and what kind of format you use to convey information can make a world of difference to the results you get.

Search Engine Optimization helps you make the most out of the website that you are building. The work of an SEO expert, is equally, if not more important than the work of a website developer. If a developer’s job is to build a functional website, an SEO experts job is to make sure that the website gets found on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckGoGo etc.

Editing and Proofreading is very important  if you’re aiming to target a discerning clientele and have an upmarket product.  Prospective customers these days can very easily get turned off even by viewing spelling and grammatical errors in the content/marketing collateral of businesses and brands.  Show your eye for detail and care for little things by making sure your editing and proofreading is on point.

Presentations are an inevitable and inescapable aspect of running your business or even building your own personal brands. You have to pitch to clients, be accountable to internal stakeholders and essentially show people what you’re all about. Beautiful, high-impact presentations will captivate your intended audience and help you accomplish your goals.  Read our tips on creating a high-impact presentation here.

Our Resume and Cover Letter Writing services help you stand out from the crowd in this saturated and highly competitive job market. Read our tips on creating a good resume here.



In order to know the pricing for your desired services, please send a price request e-mail to letsgrow@sortinghatcreative.com. Also, if you require a service that is not mentioned in the list, do reach out to us. We’ll try out best to accommodate your needs.