The Secret to Impactful, Non-Boring Presentations

Presentations can make or break your business. They can make or break your reputation at work. They are powerful tools that must be handled with caution. The good thing about presentations is that they can catapult you far above the mundane crowd. They are a great way to market your personality, your products and your services. In this article, I’m going to talk about the specifics and the mechanics of a good presentation. I’m not going to delve into body-language or the way you deliver a presentation. That’s a topic for another day. This article is all about the basics. And it’s very important to get the basics right. So, here goes:

  • There should be a high level of contrast between your background colour and your font colour. This is necessary for your text to be readable. If the text is not readable, you have already lost half the battle.
  • No more than three points per slide: The brain’s attention span is very short, in the case of most people. You want no more than three points on each slide. It’s been scientifically documented that people find it easier to remember things in lists of threes. Use that information to your advantage.
  • Make your points snappy: Unless it’s a highly technical and scientific presentation, as far as possible, make your bullet points snappy. Make them count. Don’t be merely descriptive. That’s the most boring thing on earth. Be instructive. Highlight your strengths and advantages. Tell people why your product/service is amazing. Talk about your values, your philosophy, your uniqueness. Trust me, your target audience wants to know who you are.
  • Use Smart Art, and other visual representations to depict processes: Flow charts, pyramid lists and other info-graphics simplify information. Simpler is better.
  • As far as possible, incorporate A/V elements and pictures into your presentation. Video is always a welcome break in between tedious presentations. Your audience members will thank you for it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So there you have it folks. Five very simple and very powerful points that will help you create amazing presentations. If you would like any assistance in creating powerful presentations, reach out to us over at Sorting Hat Creative. Let us do something special together.

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