Modern day ‘Content’: The result of a rich historical legacy


A modern day treasure trove: A library has a rich, historical legacy of content to inspire us

‘Content’ is an important aspect of each and every business today. The nature of work and the industry doesn’t matter. All businesses have to let people know what they do. This is where a good communications strategy comes in, of which content is a key building block. Contrary to popular perception, content is not just snappy and to-the-point text. It is first and foremost, an analysis of what a business is and what it is not. Then, it is a selection of the salient and distinguishing features of the products/services the business provides. Further, it is a presentation of facts in the most presentable way to the target audience of the business.

The way content is written will differ by the intended aim/objective of the business. Is content written with the objective to persuade people to buy? It the objective to influence thinking? Is it to incite action? Or is it, simply to tell a story? A skilled writer is one who can switch between different writing styles intended for different platforms and different target audiences.  Modern day ‘content’ is the descendant of a rich, historical legacy of a wide variety of literary and archive traditions. Right from the texts of the Greeks to the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians; from the first printed book to the primitive forms of advertising prevalent in early Europe; from the street seller who rides his bicycle through small lanes while singing a creative jingle to pamphlets printed on rough paper – content is constantly influenced and has borrowed from its  predecessors.

We have amazing technological tools at our disposal today to delve into and learn from the past.  Many archives of past records have been digitised and are easily available at the click of a button. It’s time to get inspired and creative again! Content writing and marketing can never be a dull job. If it is dull you’re probably not doing it right or you have lost inspiration. So go on and explore. Recharge your batteries and get that inspiration again. The world is your oyster!

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